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Fashion Industry in India 2020

अपडेट किया गया: 20 अप्रै. 2020

Fashion helps people to express themselves and their ideas. The Indian Fashion industry marks a growth of USD 100 billion of 8-10% market and growth could be seen by 15-20% Over Next Five years.

E-commerce Leaders are moving to solution-based on artificial intelligence.

'Personalization and curation based on personal taste will play a lot more important side in fashion industry"

As when it comes to India. India is a nation with ancient tradition clothing designs, And it is as much an emerging Fashion Enroute. The onset of the worldwide fashion marketing in India has given a push to the fashion industries.

The word "Fashion" itself brings the sight of glamour. India loves fashion.

Even though India hosts its own fashion weeks in Delhi and Mumbai which seem to be bigger and advanced every year. Especially youngsters are getting into fashion industries and showing interest to do something special and unique.

  • Market capability.

India fashion industries will have a bright future. It has large youngster support. Here the people who can afford are looking for high quality and originality. They love brand names.

(#brand #fashion #industry)The people think that the brand brings them status. And this makes people attract towards the brand.

So in the end, we can say that the future of the fashion industry in India looks promising.

  • Here stands a big question can Indian fashion Industry go globally.

The fashion industry relies a lot on India's authentic, beautiful, HIstory and rich cultural, to make its unique clothing. (#fashion #indianculture #traditional)

With the help of this cultural and authentic style, it gets green light to go internationally. The India fashion industry takes time to push popularity and shifts its roots internationally. The Indian fashion industry is still in its early years. Tell will when the fashion industry will break that Internationally barrier.

  • Potential in the Indian fashion industry

The Indian textile industry is estimated at around 108 billion dollars and expected to reach 400 billion dollars in a few years. Fashion industries have employed over 45 million directly and 60 million indirectly.

The ancient culture and tradition of India in terms of clothing and textile makes unique to the industries of other countries. India has so many talented people regarding to fashion designers. India has much potential compared to other to grow India fashion across the world.

Hence, Indian fashion is a slow train and yet to reach the station.

I hope this blog helped you a lot for information about the Indian fashion industry. please also read -https://www.sealofstyle.in/post/fashion-in-2020

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